Research Papers

1. A Hindu Philosophical Reading of the Dravida Architectural Idiom in the Kandy Pillaiyar Kovil and Its Adaptation to the Sri Lankan Context

2. A Marxist Study on the Youth Problems in Modern Sinhala Poetry from 1970 to 2000

3. A Sociological Analysis of the Politicized Environment and Urban Flood Disaster - Sinhala

4. A Sociological Reading of the Political Participation of Buddhist Monks as an Influential Group in the Sri Lankan Political Context - Sinhala

5. A Sociological Study of Non-Communicable Diseases, Sri Lankan Adult Problems and Adaptations - Sinhala

6. A Sociological Study of the Behavior of Tuition Classes and School Children in Sri Lanka - Sinhala

7. A Sociological Study of the Impact of Mobile Phone use on the Social Interaction of School-Age Children - Sinhala

8. A Sociological Study of the Limestone Industry and Employee Satisfaction in Sri Lanka - Sinhala

9. A Socio-Psychological Study on Drug Users and Factors Affecting Drug Abuse in Sri Lanka - Sinhala

10. A Study of the importance of Introducing Sexual Assault Kits for Investigators in the field of Criminal Law in Sri Lanka

11. Achievement Motivation Among Teenage Children of Employed Migrated Mothers and Children Living with Both Parents in Kandy District - West Hall Estate A Comparative Study

12. Agro Tourism as a Potent Economical Element for the Betterment of Kakunadura Government Farm Stay

13. Assurance Among the Market Structure in the Insurance Industry in Sri Lanka

14. Doctors’ Brain Drain in Sri Lanka

15. Perceived and Academic Stress Levels in First Year Undergraduates of Selected Degree Awarding Institutions in Western province, Sri Lanka, and Exploring their Methods of Coping

16. The Impact of Private Tuition to the Economy of the Households in Sri Lanka