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A student can get the benefit of these amazing facilities that we provide from day one. Which will ensure quality education

Safety First

we ensure tough security & safety measures so you can feel safe at being in aquinas

Regular Classes

Keep yourself engaged in learning the things you need as fast as possible

Certified Teachers

Aquinas employee the best knowledge in the country.

Clean & Sufficient Classrooms

Making you feel comfortable attending classes

Creative Lessons

Our lessons adopt the best teaching techniques in the world to help you learn faster and quickly

Recreational Facilities

Take some time off from the weight of studying by using our recreational facilities to uplift your mood and skills

Aquinas College of Higher Studies

The Aquinas College of Higher Studies is a nonprofit educational institution administered by the Catholic Church under the auspices of the Archdiocese of Colombo, devoted to education and philanthropic activities. It had contributed much to the development of the nation, by conducting numerous higher educational and professional programmes for the benefit of our youth in Sri Lanka.

Aquinas College of Higher Studies is also registered with the Tertiary and Vocational Educational Commission (TVEC) of Sri Lanka to conduct Professional Courses and Examinations at the Tertiary Level. The College also works in close collaboration with foreign Universities and Higher Educational Authorities.

Our Courses

You could choose from a range of Degrees, Diplomas and Certificate Courses designed to expand your knowledge in the selected field.

Degree Programs

Achieve your dream of being a graduate in your favorite filed of study

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Diploma Programs

Take your first step into the path of higher education

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Certificate Programs

Short term courses to gain your knowledge quickly and build your skills

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